Friday, May 21, 2010

Slip On Cobra Stitch Bracelet (and King Cobra)

         One of my coolest bracelet's yet. It is very simple to tie. The only difference in it is how you arrange the cord before you start the knot.

         I have added a picture showing how I attached both the cords together. But if you are using only one colour, forget the white cord I have used. Basically, you find the center of the piece of cord, fold it in half, make a kinda loop by putting the working ends through the loop. Adjust the loop to fit around your hand. You should be able to slip it onto your hand. So for this bracelet, I used around 10 ft of blue cord and around 8 ft of white cord. That was my last bit of white cord, so I ended up with less. So since I couldn't do the King Cobra Stitch all around, I did it for about half the bracelet.

                      I started with the loop, also called a lark's head. I secured the larks head in place with the help of a twist tie. Then I tied the blue cord. It ended up to be a bit less, so I pulled the cobra stitches to extend over more area. Then I cut and secured the ends with super glue. I did the cobra stitch around the blue AND white core. Then I started the King Cobra stitch with the white cord. But I ended up having too less. So I removed the King Cobra stitch. Then I passed it under a bit of the cobra stitch, then I started tying the King Cobra stitch TOWARDS the beginning of the White King Cobra and the end of the Blue Cobra stitches. I did this to cover up the part of the bracelet that removes its looks of uniformity. And then, after I finished the King Cobra, I tucked the remaining strands under the King cobra and cobra stitches, and then cut and secured the ends. Then I attached some anchor buttons to the bracelet. To be exact, I used three big buttons and four small buttons. That made this awesome bracelet.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Slip On Three Strand Weave Bracelet

                      This is a slip on bracelet. It is pretty convenient and easy to use. Instead of the side release buckle or button-loop closure, this is slip on type. I like to take pride in the fact that I designed the slip-on version of this bracelet. Just follow this instructable posted by a fellow knot tying friend who is popularly known as "Stormdrane". But for the slip-on version, I hope my pictures are helpful enough.

                       For this bracelet, I used around 13 feet of blue macrame cord. For this bracelet I used the 3 strand weave. It makes a pretty good looking watchband too.

                       In the picture on the left, I have shown how to place the cord. To make the design, just take the working end (the end which you are going to start the weave with) and put it through the loop on its right and tighten as desired. Then take the starting end and put it into the left loop and tighten.
                     In this picture on the right, I have showed how the loop and stuff should be aligned. Keep in mind that the end of one of the loops should be aligned with the end of the other loop. It should be neither too loose nor too tight. Try to keep it wide enough for you to slip your hand through. The start the weaving. Once you have finished the weaving, just tuck the strand that was used for weaving under some of the strands around and secure it. But before securing it, tighten it by pulling the cords that are loose towards the beginning end of the cord.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Reverse River Bar Bracelet

Here we go again. The River Bar Bracelet. This is the same as the River Bar Bracelet, but just flipped around. Frankly, I think it looks better.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

River Bar Bracelet

                Here is a nice bracelet called the River Bar Bracelet. I chose my colours so that it would look kinda like Hot-Rod Flames (atleast a bit).

                JD of TIAT (Tying It All Togther) had posted a video entitled "How to make a ( Paracord ) River Bar Bracelet", using a loop-and-button type closure.

                So for this I used 2 pieces of orange and red macrame cord, each around 5 feet long. Using this I made my bracelet around 7" (excluding the buckle) and 9" with the buckle. When you are using a buckle, just start by looping the end that was supposed to be the loop for the button-loop closure over one end of the buckle. Then start the knot. Once you have reached the desired length, loop both the ends of THE SAME colour over the other end of the buckle. Then tie a Cobra Stitch. That is a good tip I found while searching the net. It helps a lot when you dont know how to finish a bracelet making it look good.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Difference between the Crown Sinnets and the Way to Tie Them

               The main difference between the Round Sinnet and the Square Sinnet is the name. Okay, that was a joke. Now, back to business. The Square Sinnet is square shaped, while the Round Sinnet (I know it's obvious!) is fairly cylinderical. And the round sinnet gives a spiral like design, while the square sinnet is mostly one colour on two opposite ends, and on the other two opposite ends, the other colour (if two colours are used).

               My previous posts show how to tie the sinnets. As I have mentioned in my previous posts, the difference in tying them is the square sinnet is tied directly above itslf, while the round sinnet is tied is tied at an angle, around the wrist part (in the case of a bracelet) or the neck loop (in the case of a neck lanyard).

This is for the Square Sinnet.
This is for the round Sinnet.

Slatt's Recue Bracelet

                Here is a Slatt's Recue Bracelet. It is a real survival knot since it is east to remove. You just have to keep pulling any end of it and the whole thing will come apart. JD of TIAT has posted a this video on Youtube of how to tie the Slatt's on a keyring, but you can just apply the same method and do it on a side release buckle. Here is another link for a picture tutorial of the Slatt's. This is another one found on the Instructables site which is seamless.
                For this bracelet, I used around 12 ft of cord. The best way to make this is to use the cord straight from the spool. No need to cut the cord and start. That way you don't waste any cord. And I made my Slatt's Rescue Bracelet 10 ft long (including the side release buckle).

Round Crown Sinnet Bracelet

Here is a another Crown Sinnet Bracelet. But unlike the other one, this is round while that is kinda "square-ish". So it is pretty much like the other one, except for a small change in  the angle you tie the stitches. For the square sinnet, you tie the cords straight above it-but here, you have to tie it on the opposite side, around the wrist loop with the lanyard. You can check my previous post for how to tie the sinnet.

For this bracelet, I used 4 pieces of 3 ft long cord for the sinnet part, and around 40" for the wrist lanyard and loop. Then I started the sinnet after leaving 1/2" space from the lanyard knot. I stopped the sinnet when I had a 2" loop at the end opposite to the lanyard knot. Then I secured the bracelet with super glue. It is a bit thick, so if you are using paracord, I think you should remove the inner strands.

Crown Sinnet (round) Neck Lanyard

Here is a neck lanyard I made for my Dad which I he uses to hang his office badge. So I have made an instructable on the Instructables website. If you click here, it will take you to the direct link to the "ible". I have posted links to Amazon for the stuff you'll need for this lanyard. Enjoy! And please comment and rate.


Sunday, May 9, 2010

Crown Sinnet Bracelet

      This is a Crown Sinnet bracelet which I made. It makes a good looking bracelet.

       For this I have used four separate pieces of blue macrame cord, each 32" long.
    The part which goes around your wrist is a separate piece from the other four separate pieces. It is basically a lanyard knot with a 19" loop. For the wrist measurement, measure your wrist, double the amount and add about 10". If you want, you can use a side release buckle instead of the lanyard knot and loop. Just loop the cord over the two ends of the side release buckle and start the sinnet. The picture shows you how to attach the four pieces of cord using a rubber band and how to start the sinnet. Just repeat the same pattern over and over again, until you reach the desired length (don't forget to leave a loop of about 3" for the lanyard to lock it). Then cut off the excess cord from both the ends and secure the remaining cord in place by either sewing, melting, or super-glueing them.         

Friday, May 7, 2010

Cobra Stitch Key Fob

               For this key fob I used about 10.5 to 11 ft. of blue Macrame cord, but you can use paracord or anything else that works for you. With this measurement, I made my key fob 9" long (including the key loop).
               I stated out with a lanyard knot, leaving a loop of about 2" for any attachment like a key ring. Then I extended the two ends of the cord, and at the length of 9", then I put a snap hook to hold it there. I then started the Cobra Stitch. I continued tying it until I reached the lanyard knot, then I went over the Cobra Stitch with a King Cobra. The I fused the ends in place with super glue.

                And you can even do a king cobra over the king cobra (I don't know what you call that). And you have to double the amount of cord you use for the cobra stitch to tie the king cobra and triple it to do the king over king cobra stitch.

      You can attach any accessory to it, use different colours, ect. Just use your imagination!!!!!!

Sorry, I couldn't find any blue paracord, so I this is a link for blue macrame cord.           

Cobra Stitch Bracelet

This is my first creation using a decorative knot. This is called the Cobra Stitch. When I first saw it, I was like," I MUST make one!" So I looked around the house and found a pack of shoelaces. I sewed the two shoelaces together and started the the stitch. And I even cut the side release buckle from an old school bag.
 This bracelet is 8 1/2 " long excluding the buckle. So I used around maybe 6 ft of this shoelace. First I hitched it on one end of the buckle, then hitched it around the other end of the buckle, leaving a 8 1/2 " in between. Then I started the cobra stitch. Once I reached the ends where I started from, I cut off the excess lace and super glued the ends in place. You can add some beads, tags, etc. if you want.
This is no perfection (forgive me for that), but hey, it was my first try. And since I don't want you all to scavange the items you need from around the house, I have posted some links to the materials. Hope you are patient enough to wait till they arrive (unlike me).

Thursday, May 6, 2010

How To Tie the Cobra Stitch

        Here is one of the easiest and famous stitch: The Cobra Stitch, also called the Solomon Bar or the Portuguese Sinnet, and there might be more names. It's modified version is the King Cobra Stitch (a.k.a. Double Solomon Bar, Double Portuguese Sinnet, etc.).

          It is very simple so I recommend this knot for the begginers who have just entered the world of Decorative Knots (or just the world of knots is fine too). Here I have added a picture collage of how to make the cobra and king cobra stitch. Follow the collage to make the stitch.

          Later on I will post a few stuff I made with this knot. But right now, learn the knot. From the 9th  picture the King Cobra Stitch starts. The King Cobra is basically just the cobra done over itself, leaving space for 1 of the first cobra stitchs to be seen.