Sunday, May 9, 2010

Crown Sinnet Bracelet

      This is a Crown Sinnet bracelet which I made. It makes a good looking bracelet.

       For this I have used four separate pieces of blue macrame cord, each 32" long.
    The part which goes around your wrist is a separate piece from the other four separate pieces. It is basically a lanyard knot with a 19" loop. For the wrist measurement, measure your wrist, double the amount and add about 10". If you want, you can use a side release buckle instead of the lanyard knot and loop. Just loop the cord over the two ends of the side release buckle and start the sinnet. The picture shows you how to attach the four pieces of cord using a rubber band and how to start the sinnet. Just repeat the same pattern over and over again, until you reach the desired length (don't forget to leave a loop of about 3" for the lanyard to lock it). Then cut off the excess cord from both the ends and secure the remaining cord in place by either sewing, melting, or super-glueing them.         

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