Friday, May 7, 2010

Cobra Stitch Key Fob

               For this key fob I used about 10.5 to 11 ft. of blue Macrame cord, but you can use paracord or anything else that works for you. With this measurement, I made my key fob 9" long (including the key loop).
               I stated out with a lanyard knot, leaving a loop of about 2" for any attachment like a key ring. Then I extended the two ends of the cord, and at the length of 9", then I put a snap hook to hold it there. I then started the Cobra Stitch. I continued tying it until I reached the lanyard knot, then I went over the Cobra Stitch with a King Cobra. The I fused the ends in place with super glue.

                And you can even do a king cobra over the king cobra (I don't know what you call that). And you have to double the amount of cord you use for the cobra stitch to tie the king cobra and triple it to do the king over king cobra stitch.

      You can attach any accessory to it, use different colours, ect. Just use your imagination!!!!!!

Sorry, I couldn't find any blue paracord, so I this is a link for blue macrame cord.           

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