Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Slip On Three Strand Weave Bracelet

                      This is a slip on bracelet. It is pretty convenient and easy to use. Instead of the side release buckle or button-loop closure, this is slip on type. I like to take pride in the fact that I designed the slip-on version of this bracelet. Just follow this instructable posted by a fellow knot tying friend who is popularly known as "Stormdrane". But for the slip-on version, I hope my pictures are helpful enough.

                       For this bracelet, I used around 13 feet of blue macrame cord. For this bracelet I used the 3 strand weave. It makes a pretty good looking watchband too.

                       In the picture on the left, I have shown how to place the cord. To make the design, just take the working end (the end which you are going to start the weave with) and put it through the loop on its right and tighten as desired. Then take the starting end and put it into the left loop and tighten.
                     In this picture on the right, I have showed how the loop and stuff should be aligned. Keep in mind that the end of one of the loops should be aligned with the end of the other loop. It should be neither too loose nor too tight. Try to keep it wide enough for you to slip your hand through. The start the weaving. Once you have finished the weaving, just tuck the strand that was used for weaving under some of the strands around and secure it. But before securing it, tighten it by pulling the cords that are loose towards the beginning end of the cord.

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