Sunday, May 16, 2010

River Bar Bracelet

                Here is a nice bracelet called the River Bar Bracelet. I chose my colours so that it would look kinda like Hot-Rod Flames (atleast a bit).

                JD of TIAT (Tying It All Togther) had posted a video entitled "How to make a ( Paracord ) River Bar Bracelet", using a loop-and-button type closure.

                So for this I used 2 pieces of orange and red macrame cord, each around 5 feet long. Using this I made my bracelet around 7" (excluding the buckle) and 9" with the buckle. When you are using a buckle, just start by looping the end that was supposed to be the loop for the button-loop closure over one end of the buckle. Then start the knot. Once you have reached the desired length, loop both the ends of THE SAME colour over the other end of the buckle. Then tie a Cobra Stitch. That is a good tip I found while searching the net. It helps a lot when you dont know how to finish a bracelet making it look good.

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