Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Slatt's Recue Bracelet

                Here is a Slatt's Recue Bracelet. It is a real survival knot since it is east to remove. You just have to keep pulling any end of it and the whole thing will come apart. JD of TIAT has posted a this video on Youtube of how to tie the Slatt's on a keyring, but you can just apply the same method and do it on a side release buckle. Here is another link for a picture tutorial of the Slatt's. This is another one found on the Instructables site which is seamless.
                For this bracelet, I used around 12 ft of cord. The best way to make this is to use the cord straight from the spool. No need to cut the cord and start. That way you don't waste any cord. And I made my Slatt's Rescue Bracelet 10 ft long (including the side release buckle).

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