Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Round Crown Sinnet Bracelet

Here is a another Crown Sinnet Bracelet. But unlike the other one, this is round while that is kinda "square-ish". So it is pretty much like the other one, except for a small change in  the angle you tie the stitches. For the square sinnet, you tie the cords straight above it-but here, you have to tie it on the opposite side, around the wrist loop with the lanyard. You can check my previous post for how to tie the sinnet.

For this bracelet, I used 4 pieces of 3 ft long cord for the sinnet part, and around 40" for the wrist lanyard and loop. Then I started the sinnet after leaving 1/2" space from the lanyard knot. I stopped the sinnet when I had a 2" loop at the end opposite to the lanyard knot. Then I secured the bracelet with super glue. It is a bit thick, so if you are using paracord, I think you should remove the inner strands.

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  1. The Striped Crown Sinnet is the flip side of the Corkscrew Crown Sinnet. Although visually very different, the Stripped Crown Sinnet is merely the alternating form of the Corkscrew Crown Sinnet, as the following video shows.